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12. Savannas experience warm temperatures, low levels of precipitation, and have an abundance of grasses and shrubs. What events often occur because of these conditions?
a) tornadoes
b) fires
c) floods
d) earthquakes

11. What are the most important climate factors that define a biome?
a) precipitation and soil
b) temperature and precipitation
c) temperature and soil
d) soil and longitude

10. The trees found in a deciduous forest
a) lose their leaves in the fall
b) retain their needles all year
c) are adapted to require very little water
d) are unable to grow tall because of the frozen ground

9. Which of the following characteristics of the temperate grasslands biome are accurate?
a) extremely warm and variable precipitation
b) extremely warm and extremely dry
c) variable temperatures and moderate precipitation
d) moderate temperatures and high precipitation

8. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of every desert biome?
a) low moisture levels
b) mostly barren soil
c) high temperatures
d) little plant life

7. How does an ecosystem differ from a biome?
a) A biome can be made up of several ecosystems.
b) An ecosystem is larger than a biome.
c) A biome only includes biotic factors.
d) There is no difference between a biome and an ecosystem.

5. A ___________ is characterized by the ecosystems that make it up.
a) biome
b) rain forest
c) tundra
d) desert

6. Which continent(s) contain tagia biome?
a) Europe and North America
b) every continent
c) Europe, North America, Asia
d) Europe, North America, Antarctica

4. The tundra biome climate is best described as
a) extremely cold with heavy precipitation
b) extremely cold and lifeless
c) extremely cold and windy
d) extremely cold and covered in ice

3. Which biome averages the most amount of annual precipitation?
a) grassland
b) tropical rain forest
c) deciduous forest
d) temperate rain forest

2. What categories are used to classify biomes?
a) its plant and animal life
b) its amount of precipitation and temperature
c) its location on Earth and geographical features
d) its climate and plant and animal life

1. Plant life in a biome is mostly a result of the biome's
a) temperature and precipiation
b) latitude and altitude
c) latitude and geographical features
d) longitude and latitude

13. Which type of aquatic environment covers 75 percent of Earth's surface?
a) estuarine
b) wetland
c) freshwater
d) marine

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