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Power within the United States government is divided between the Federal, State, and Local levels. What is this called?
a) Checks and Balances
b) Rule of Law
c) Naturalization
d) Federalism

Which of the following statements is an example of one of the promises stated in the Preamble.
a) Our taxes are high!
b) Our military is strong and helps protect the citizens' freedoms
c) Our president is popular!
d) Our freedoms and our government work for now, but probably not for future generations.

President Obama meets with the Prime Ministers of Russia and Sweden. What role is he best exhibiting?
a) Chief Citizen
b) Commander in Chief
c) Chief Diplomat
d) Chief Executive

The First Amendment Freedoms are...
a) Press, Speech, Taxation, Assembly, and Religion
b) Press, Religion, Speech, Assembly,and Petition
c) Petition, Religion, Speech, Education, and Assembly
d) Mixed, Traditional, Command,and Free Market

The 5th and 14th Amendments help define...
a) Due Process
b) Income Taxes
c) Right to Bear Arms
d) Checks and Balances

A person who is looking to impact State Legislation in Virginia, should look to contact members of ...
a) City Council
b) Their Mayor
c) The General Assembly
d) The Supreme Court of Virginia

Someone who is not a Republican or a Democrat and finds themselves in the middle of the political spectrum would be called what?
a) Non-Voter
b) Moderate
c) Electoral College
d) Lobbyist

A economy that is controlled mostly by the government is called...
a) Mixed Economy
b) Traditional Economy
c) Free-Market Economy
d) Command Economy

Which of the following courts is known for having Original Jurisdiction?
a) US Supreme Court
b) Virginia District Court
c) Virginia Court of Appeals
d) Virginia Supreme Court

If the Constitution needs to be changed,
a) an Amendment can be ratified.
b) it cannot be changed.
c) it can be changed by the President and approved by Congress.
d) an Amendment must be unanimously agreed on by the Supreme Court

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