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Which of the following is not part of the axial skeleton:
a) femur
b) sternum
c) mandible
d) sacrum

Articulations refers to:
a) broken bones
b) the study of individual bones
c) joints
d) bone growth and remodeling

The cell type that is responsible for maintaining bone matrix once it has formed is:
a) ostoclasts
b) chondrocytes
c) osteocytes
d) osteoblast

These structures are at the center of compact bone lamellae and carry blood vessels along.
a) haversian canals
b) canaliculi
c) ostocytes
d) lacunae

Condroblasts produce:
a) basement membranes
b) bone matriz
c) cartilage matriz
d) endothelium

A fracture in the saft of a long bone would be a break in the:
a) metaphysis
b) diaphysis
c) epiphyseal plate
d) epiphysis

These two components in bone are responsible for the hardness and pliability of bone:
a) osteoclasts and collagen
b) mineralized salts and osteocytes
c) mineralized salts and collagen
d) collagen and elastic fibers.

The dense connetive tissue covering outer surface of bone diaphises in termed:
a) perichondrium
b) periosteum
c) endosteum
d) exofibrium

Which of the following bones is considered a sesamoid bone:
a) sternum
b) ethmoid
c) patella
d) femur

Which of the following does not describes synovial joints:
a) bones held together by cartilage
b) joint surfaces of bones covered with articulating cartilage
c) has joint cavity
d) has 2-layered joint capsule

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