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The battle of Thermopylae was were
a) Supplies were blocked off, fire was lit, Persia won
b) Food was lost, flood occurred, Greece won

Battle of Salamis was
a) Athens vs Persia
b) Athens vs Spartans
c) Persia vs Spartans
d) None

The battle of Salamis was
a) fought on water, Athens won
b) fought on water Persians won
c) fought on land Athens won
d) fought on land Persians won

The battle of Plataea was
a) Greece and Spartans vs Persia
b) Greece vs Persia
c) Persia vs Spartans
d) Greece vs Spartans

Battle of plataea was
a) when spartans hold back until backup Athens comes and Greece wins
b) when spartans hold back until backup Athens come and Persia wins

Direct democracy is where
a) everyone votes on laws
b) everyone votes on people to vote on laws

Representative Democracy is where
a) everyone votes on laws
b) everyone votes on people to vote on laws

Major contributions by the Ancient Greeks
a) olympics, navy, military tactics
b) myths, olympics, epics
c) all of the above

River where the Roman civilization was established:
a) Tiger
b) Tiber
c) Tigris
d) Timer

Punic Wars were fought agains
a) carthaginians
b) greeks
c) indians
d) none

The punic wars is where:
a) rome slowly destroyed the Carthaginian Empire and took control of the entire Mediterranen region
b) Romans rule after the first and second
c) none
d) all

The rome republic had
a) statues, chariot races, gladiator contests, arches, domes, rich, powerful
b) paintings, horse races, hunger games, bridges, houses

Similarities between roman republic and american government
a) only could rule for a little time
b) vote on law for it to pass
c) not as much power as king or queen
d) all

julius caesar was not
a) a great military leader
b) recruited soldiers from the poor
c) dictator for life
d) indian

Julius caesar was a
a) hero because he helped with finances
b) hero because he was amazing
c) villain because he wasn't stylish
d) villain because everyone thought he was

Major contributions by the ancient Romans
a) war tactics, columns, bridges, arches, domes, government, aqueducts, concrete, and newspapers
b) war elephants
c) paper

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