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What are the important elements of the Nile River?
a) cataracts, location, climate, marshes, deserts, food, water source
b) river, egypt,
c) it isn't important

What was the writing system developed by Ancient Egyptians?
a) Latin
b) Hieroglyphics
c) Greek
d) Egyptian

Why was the Nile River so vital to the development of the Ancient Egyptian civilization?
a) cataracts are natural barriers
b) deserts are natural barriers
c) fertile land, water and food
d) all of the above

What was being an Egyptian pharaoh like?
a) powerful ruler, thought as gods,
b) wore crowns with the cobra goddess
c) wife was the Queen of Egypt
d) All of the above

Differences between Egyptian pharaoh and American President
a) Pharaoh thought as god, Pharaoh not elected, pharaoh wore fancy clothes and crown
b) pharaoh is a super hero, president is a villain

Egyptian creations
a) buttons, toothpaste, backpacks, pillows, hieroglyphics, boxes
b) irrigation, farm, fishing, makeup, pyramids/architecture, written language,

What were the major rivers associated with the Ancient Indian civilization?
a) Indus and Ganges
b) Indus and Yangtze
c) Ganges and Yellow
d) Indus and Indian

Aspects of Indian culture and geography
a) sub-continent, summer monsoons, castes, dharma, indus and ganges
b) deserts, mountains, rivers, monsoons, trees

Concepts related to Buddhism and Hinduism
a) Buddhism created by Buddha, Hinduism was created by the Aryanes, both indian religions, Hinduism played a role in karma
b) Buddhism was created in china, hinduism isn't a thing,

Contributions by the ancient indians
a) Buddhism, Hinduism
b) Caste system, buttons, eye surgery
c) chemistry, math
d) all of the above

What are the rivers associated with the Ancient Chinese Civilization?
a) Yellow
b) Yangtze
c) Both

Ideas expressed in Confucianism
a) thought that if people are to achieve a state of orderliness and peace, they must return to traditional values of virtue
b) if one who sits on hot rock, they will rise soon again
c) Confucius is not very expressive

How is the Silk Road a component of cultural diffusion?
a) ideas were combined and shared
b) traded silk, porcelain, cotton, salt, sugar, etc.
c) all of the above

Major contributions to the modern world by Ancient Chinese
a) Confucianism, silk, cotton, salt, fireworks
b) pillows, backpacks, bags, paper, books, computers

Geography of Ancient Greece
a) Mountains, Islands, seas, peninsula
b) deserts, rivers, grass, plain

Life as a Spartan boy meant:
a) leaving home at age 7
b) fought until age 60
c) focused on military and strength
d) all of the above

Athens Boy life is:
a) based on education and the arts
b) based on strength
c) killed if you had a birth defect

Battle of marathon was
a) Greek vs Persia
b) Greek vs Spartans
c) Spartans vs Persia
d) None of the above

Battle of Marathon was were
a) Persia loads calvary first and loses
b) Persia wins
c) Greek Loses

Battle of Thermopylae was
a) Greece vs Persia
b) Greece vs Spartans
c) Spartans vs Persia
d) None

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