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In the future, the seas and oceans...
a) will dry
b) will melt
c) will disappear
d) will grow their water level

What does it mean to be eco-friendly?
a) to waste less water
b) to take care of the environment
c) none of the choices
d) to leave the lights switched on

Which environmental organisation has a panda as its main symbol?
a) Greenpeace
b) Friends of the Earth
c) World Wide Fund
d) none of the choices

In the future, the North Pole and much of the ice areas of our world...
a) will melt
b) will be bigger
c) will become land
d) will cover all the planet

What are the so-called 3Rs?
a) reuse, recycle, review
b) reuse, reduce, recycle
c) reduce, recycle, reuse
d) recycle x 3

What is the difference between climate and weather?
a) weather refers to the current metheorological conditions
b) climate changes only in long periods of time, while the weather changes all the time
c) climate refers to the metheorological conditions typical of an area
d) all choices are correct

What is the greenhouse effect?
a) the effect of a house when you put many plants inside it
b) the process by which absorption and emission of infrared radiation by gases in the atmosphere warms our planet's atmosphere
c) the process of painting your house in colour green
d) the house where the members of Green Day live

What are endangered species?
a) none of the choices
b) animals or plants which may disappear because there are very few now alive
c) dangerous animals or plants
d) all the animals and plants

What is the environment?
a) the territory where humans, animals and plants coexist
b) the parks, gardens and all the green areas of your city
c) nonce of the choices
d) the air, water and land in which people, animals and plants live

What is waste?
a) rubbish that can be recycled
b) rubbish that humans collect in their houses
c) material of any type which is left after useful substances or parts have been removed
d) a big amount of rubbish collected in the city

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