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Which force attracts all objects that have mass
a) Electrical force
b) fricion
c) gravity
d) magnetism

Which is a characteristic that all living things have in common?
a) having a body
b) having cells
c) living on land
d) needin sunlight

Which statement describes the difference between elements and compounds
a) Elements are gases, while compounds are solids
b) Elements are pure substances, while compounds are mixtures
c) Elements are made up of atoms, while compounds are made up of molecules
d) Elements are made up of only one kind of atom, while compounds are made up of more than one kind of atom.

Which series shows the energy transformations that take place in a flashlight
a) Chemical energy → electrical energy → light energy
b) Chemical energy → mechanical energy → thermal energy
c) Electrical energy → chemical energy → light energy
d) Thermal energy → light energy → chemical energy

Which diagram lists the different levels of organization within an ecosystem from the least specific (largest group) to the most specific (smallest group)?
a) Community → ecosystem → population → organism
b) Ecosystem → community → population → organism
c) Ecosystem → population → community → organism
d) Organism → population → community → ecosystem

A biologist uses gloves, goggles, and a mask when working with certain prokaryotes. Why does she use such safety equipment when working with prokaryotes?
a) Some prokaryotes have nuclei.
b) Some prokaryotes cause disease.
c) Some prokaryotes are autotrophic
d) Some prokaryotes have sharp teeth.

A scientist analyzes the particles that make up a substance. Each particle is composed of two different kinds of atoms bonded together. Which is a valid conclusion the scientist can draw?
a) The substance is a compound.
b) The substance is an element.
c) The substance is a mixture.
d) The substance is a metal

A cook places a cold spoon in a bowl of hot soup. The temperature of the spoon soon increases. Which describes what is happening to the spoon in terms of thermal energy?
a) There is no transfer of thermal energy to the spoon
b) The spoon is heated through radiation of thermal energy.
c) The spoon is heated through conduction of thermal energy.
d) The spoon is heated through convection of thermal energy.

Which type of energy resource is relatively inexpensive, but produces air pollution?
a) Coal
b) Solar
c) Wind
d) Geothermal

Which object has potential energy but not kinetic energy?
a) An object that is rolling down a hill
b) An object that is rolling on flat ground
c) An object that is motionless at the top of a cliff
d) An object that is motionless at the base of a cliff

A sample of an unknown liquid has a mass of 255 g and a volume of 275 mL. Water has a density of 1.0 g/mL. Which statement about the unknown liquid is true?
a) It will sink in water because it is denser than water.
b) It will sink in water because it is less dense than water
c) It will float in water because it is denser than water.
d) It will float in water because it is less dense than water

Which property is characteristic of many nonmetals and few metals
a) Shininess
b) Brittleness
c) Ability to conduct electricity
d) Ability to be flattened into sheets

A roller coaster car has no motor. It moves along its track as gravity pulls it downhill. Which kind of energy is at its highest at the top of a hill and at its lowest at the bottom of a hill?
a) Kinetic energy
b) Mechanical energy
c) Potential energy
d) Thermal energy

Which notation represents an element?
a) CO
b) H2
c) HI
d) H2O

A community currently uses a coal-burning power plant to supply its energy needs.They suggest building a wind farm that will supply part of the community’s energy needs. What could likely result from building this second power plant?
a) A decrease in air pollution
b) An increase in water pollution
c) An increase in the need for coal
d) A decrease in the amount of wind

A frying pan has a metal bottom and a nonmetal handle. Why are these two materials safe choices for use in the different parts of the pan?
a) Metals tend to be reactive, while nonmetals are inert.
b) Metals tend to be solids, while nonmetals tend to be gases.
c) Metals tend to conduct heat well, while nonmetals do not.
d) Metals tend to be dull in appearance, while nonmetals tend to be shiny.

Which characteristic distinguishes fungi from plants?
a) Heterotrophism
b) Mobility
c) Multicellularity
d) Sexual reproduction

Which of the following is an element?
a) H2O
b) K2
c) HCl
d) NaCl

Scientists used to classify Archaebacteria and Eubacteria in the same kingdom. Now, they are classified as separate kingdoms and separate domains. Which evidence supports the separation of these two kinds of organisms into separate domains?
a) Genetic differences
b) Presence or lack of a nucleus
c) Presence or lack of a cell wall
d) Being composed of single cells or multiple cells

Which force keeps the Moon in orbit around Earth?
a) Gravity between Earth and the Moon
b) Gravity between Earth and Mars
c) Gravity between Earth and the Sun
d) Gravity between Mars and Venus

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