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What damage does Beowulf do to Grendel at their first meet?
a) rips off his head
b) kills him
c) tears off his arm
d) no damage

Does the dragon survive his fight with Beowulf?
a) No
b) Yes
c) He is alive in heaven
d) We dont know

Who does Beowulf fight in his last match?
a) The Dragon
b) Unferth
c) Wealthow
d) Grendel's mother

Who helps Beowulf fight the dragon?
a) Hrothgar
b) The theif
c) Unferth
d) Wiglaf

Where is Grendel's Mother found?
a) Herot
b) The Lake
c) The Woods
d) Geatland

What does Beowulf bring up from the lake?
a) Grendel's Mother's arm
b) Grendel's head
c) Grendel's Mother's head
d) Grendel's arm

Where is Beowulf's homeland?
a) The Lake
b) Herot
c) Sweden
d) Geatland

What was the name of the mead-hall?
a) Hrothgar
b) Geatland
c) Herot
d) Unferth

How long does the monster haunt the mead-hall?
a) 12 winters
b) 2 years
c) 12 nights
d) 13 summers

What was the name of the original monster?
a) Hrothgar
b) Grendel
c) Beowulf
d) Breca

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