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A(n) _ provides an alternative to separately creating similar type pages on your Web sit.
a) template
b) wizard
c) style sheet
d) project planner

A(n) _ is a style you can create and name and specify all the attributes you want the style to include.
a) embedded style
b) custom style
c) declarative style
d) internal style

The _attribute determines whether the background image is fixed at its original position or scrolls along with the content.
a) float
b) repeat
c) attachment
d) display

Element names must start with a(n) _.
a) letter
b) number
c) alphanumeric character
d) ampersand

The default unit position and size is _.
a) points
b) picas
c) pixels
d) inches

Most browsers default to the _ when no visibility is specified.
a) inherit
b) visible
c) hidden
d) open-eye

Frames are saved with a(n) _ extension.
a) .swt
b) .htm
c) .swf
d) .frm

The _file is the source file for any Flash project and is created in the Flash program.
a) .fla
b) .swt
c) .swf
d) .fsh

The _box specifies the Flash button name that identifies the button for scripting.
a) Flash
b) scale
c) script
d) name

A series of _makes a timeline.
a) indices
b) frames
c) keys
d) behaviors

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