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Most of the Blur filters allow you to specify the _ of affected pixels
a) perimeter
b) radius
c) circumference
d) diameter

Graphic artists use _ filters to add a 3-D effect or to apply a segmented style to photos
a) stylize
b) sketch
c) texture
d) distort

The Render effects are on the _ menu.
a) filter
b) display
c) edit
d) effects

Most clip art images have searchable _associated with them.
a) vectors
b) links
c) icons
d) keywords

For print publications, _ images are a good choice because they can be resized, rotated, and stretched easily without specialized graphic-editing software.
a) bitmap
b) raster
c) vector
d) metfile

_ does not support transparent backgrounds.
a) GIF
c) JPG
d) PNG

A(n) _ layer consists of a fill layer that defines the shape color and a linked vector mask that defines the path or
a) shape
b) outline
c) clip
d) vector

Color _ are used to outline, emphasize, or highlight.
a) fills
b) margins
c) strokes
d) elements

_ are outlines, created directly on the currently selected layer
a) paths
b) strokes
c) fills
d) effects

The term _ refers to the pre-computer practice of shaving bits of lead off wider characters.
a) tracking
b) kerning
c) scaling
d) leading

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