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Which of these cannot make food?
a) grass
b) mushroom
c) algae

How does the coming of winter affect plants?
a) Plants migrate.
b) Plants stop growing.
c) Plants grow flowers.

Which plant has a woody stem?
a) marigold plant
b) olive tree
c) carrots

Which plant has the longest life span?
a) fruit trees
b) sunflowers
c) roses

Which is an adult plant?
a) a flower with petals and seeds
b) seeds
c) a flower with leaves only

Which part make seeds for a pine tree?
a) roots
b) cones
c) flowers

How do roots help a plant?
a) They might be good to eat.
b) They make food for the plant.
c) They take in water and soil nutrients.
d) They make seeds for the plant.

_____is neither a plant nor animal.
a) toucan
b) sunflower
c) fungus

All living things need to ____ to survive.
a) be very small
b) be harmful
c) meet their needs

______cannot live in the cold, dry polar tundra.
a) trees
b) polar bears
c) bumblebees

d. To move large tree leaves, leafcutter ____ cut small pieces from the leaves.
a) bears
b) ants
c) microorganisms

e. Animals depend on plants for _____.
a) chains
b) food
c) webs

Plants depend on animals for _____.
a) air
b) chains
c) moving pollen

needs microscope to be seen
a) migrate
b) fungus
c) microorganism
d) survive

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