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Regions can be effected (changed) by .....
a) wars
b) money
c) migration

Did Japanese silk workers feel the benefits of working in an industrialized factory outweighed the costs of industrialization.
a) Yes
b) No
c) Didn't care about working there

THe non-violent protests of Ghandhi, Mandela and King all helped the improvement of....
a) the economy
b) children's education
c) the human rights of the people

Adolf Hitler, Moammar Gadhafi, and Saddam Hussein are examples of what kind of governments:
a) Democratic government
b) Totalitarianism
c) Free government

Traditional economies produce what has always been produced, where ______ economies produce whatever will make a profit (make money $).
a) Rich
b) Poor
c) Market

The Arab-Israel War, Germany's invasion of Poland and WW1 and Mass Murder in Rwanda all caused ...
a) positive (good) effects
b) negatice (bad) effects
c) Both good and bad effects

European Imperialism in Africa was...
a) fights over money
b) winning the war
c) conlicts between cultures

The impact of technological innovations between 1880s and 1900sof steam boats,steam-powered railroads, and automobiles, was on...
a) television industry
b) transportation
c) building of schools

The Arab-Israel War, The Suez Crisis, The Six-Day War and The Yom Kippur War are events that show that _________ have continued to be an issue in Israel.
a) boundary disputes
b) slavery issues
c) human rights

The black and mulatto populations in Latin America can be traced back to what event?
a) The importation of African labor during slave trade
b) the cultures of Latin America
c) the fight over Asia areas

Martin Luther King's speech wanted to replace ______ with more equal rights.
a) governments
b) segregation
c) education

The civil rights movement in India was started from what idea of the Enlightment Period?
a) all people should go to school
b) all women should be able to vote
c) all men are created equal

Technology can create new weapons and cause more deaths in war like WW1. The effect of this technolgy is....
a) positive (good) effects
b) negatice (bad) effects
c) Both good and bad effects

Which was not a cause for WW1?
a) Fighting for colonies in Asia
b) Arms race (building weapons) between Germany and Britian
c) Martin Luthers King's speech
d) Formation of national Alliances

What problem was the same in Rwanda, Darfur, Bosnia and Kosovo?
a) Cultural conflicts ending with war
b) Cultural conflicts with genocide(mass killings)
c) having no cultural conflicts at all

When governments become too powerful they fail to protect....
a) the government itself
b) the leaders of the government
c) the human rights of the people

Paper, telescope and microscope, and thermometer were discoveries of what period?
a) The Scientific Revolution
b) The Industrial Revolutiion
c) The Enlightenment Period

Who is the Father of Science?
a) Abraham Lincoln
b) Galileo Galilei
c) George Washington

Where did the ideas in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights come from?
a) The Scienticfic Revolutiion
b) the Industrial Revolution
c) the Enlightment Period

The Scramble for Africa map tells about ....
a) oil reserves
b) European nations invading and controlling African areas(land)
c) African people scrambling to get away

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