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What Do You Know About Bacteria? Try To Find Out What Have You Learnt In This Lesson.[print questions]

Bacteria are...
a) Eukaryotic cells
b) Procaryotic cells
c) Animals
d) Plants

Bacteria main structures include...
a) Organs and tissues
b) Cell envelope, nucleoid and ribosomes
c) Cell wall and nucleus
d) Mytochondrae and chloroplasts

Bacterial role in the ecosystems...
a) isn't of great importance
b) is only harmful
c) is decomposition and primary matter production
d) is only of parasitic relationships

Main shapes of bacteria are...
a) coccus and ameboid
b) coccus, bacillus, spirillus and filamentous
c) gram - and gram +
d) spherical and of star shape

Bacterial external structures can be...
a) flagella, fimbrae and pilli
b) only flagella and cillia
c) sillicate and carbonate shells
d) never include a capsule

Bacteria can live....
a) only on the food
b) only in the sea and in lakes
c) in the most extreme conditions
d) are not ubicous

a) are saprophiyic
b) are photosyntetic
c) are parasites
d) are symbiotic

In our body...
a) there aren't bacteria if we are clean
b) there are only bacteria in our guts
c) bacteria only cause diseases
d) there are more bacterial cells than our own cells

Some bacteria...
a) are used to make yogurt, cheese and vinager
b) are used to obtain medicines
c) produce useful vitamins
d) all the others are right

Choose the right sentence:
a) AIDS is caused by a bacteria
b) The flu is a bacterial disease
c) A cold is a bacterial illness
d) Pneumonia is a bacterial disease

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