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Which factor contributes most to the recurring food shortages in Africa?
a) poor distribution of agricultural products
b) extensive river systems
c) location between two major oceans
d) rainforest environment

Which condition is a major obstacle to economic development in the Middle East and Northern Africa
a) use of strip mining to obtain minerals
b) reliance on capitalist economic systems
c) lack of access to world markets
d) scarcity of water resources

Singapore and Hong Kong have become major economic powers by taking advantage of their
a) abundant mineral resources
b) imported cheap labor from Japan
c) profits from agricultural surpluses
d) favorable location on international trade routes

A comparison of Japan’s policies before 1945 with the policies in effect after 1945 indicates that
a) reduction in spending on military goods leads to economic depression
b) dependence on foreign trade usually leads to a weakened national economy
c) territorial aggression is not necessary to secure national economic goals
d) democratic institutions hinder economic growth

A study of Japan’s economy since World War II would lead to the conclusion that
a) government support of technological advances can improve a nation’s economic position
b) imperialism is necessary form the economic development of a nation
c) a communist system leads to economic prosperity
d) the feudal system is more economically productive than the market system

The emergence of Japan as a world economic power has been based mostly on Japan’s
a) development of nuclear power
b) abundance of fossil fuels
c) strong traditional of military rule
d) business enterprise and organization

In recent years, which factor has been a major reason for the economic tensions between the United States and Japan?
a) In recent years, which factor has been a major reason for the economic tensions between the United States and Japan?
b) the United States refused to place quotas on Japanese goods
c) the United States imported more from Japan than it exported to Japan
d) Japan lowered tariffs on goods imported from the United States

Since World War II, people in both Africa and Latin America have moved from rural to urban areas. The major cause of this movement has been the
a) rejection of traditional custom
b) expectation of improved economic opportunities
c) guarantee of better housing
d) fear of civil war

During the 1980’s and 1990’s, the economic policies of China, supported by Deng Xiaoping, have led directly to
a) an expansion of China’s colonial empire
b) an increase in trade with the West
c) a return to a strict command economy
d) the success of the commune system

One principle in the theory of mercantilism is that colonies should be
a) granted independence as soon as possible
b) considered an economic burden for the colonial power
c) encouraged to develop their own industries
d) acquired as markets and sources of raw materials

Which statement best describes how a command economy functioned in the Soviet Union?
a) The laws of supply and demand controlled the economy.
b) Trade policies mandated that imports exceed exports.
c) The success of the agricultural sector controlled the price of manufactured goods.
d) A central authority determined the type and quantity of goods to be produced.

The economic policy of mercantilism first developed during the
a) Age of Exploration
b) Enlightenment
c) Cold War
d) Green Revolution

The might of a country consists of gaining surpluses of gold and silver. We need to gain colonies as sources for raw materials' Which economic system is being described by these statements?
a) traditional
b) feudal
c) command
d) mercantile

This economy is very basic. We barter (trade) if we need something. There isn't any gov't involvement. Most people do what their parents did, so everything is based on customs traditions. We're closer to survival than making money.
a) traditional
b) free market
c) command
d) mercantile

Which of the following is NOT a traditional economy?
a) Zombie Apocalypse
b) Cavemen
c) Inuit Eskimos
d) Britain in the 1700s

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