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Which generalization about democracy is most valid?
a) democratic political systems require a highly industrialized society
b) democratic governments first evolved in North America
c) democratic governments prevent their citizens from traveling abroad
d) democratic governments protect basic civil liberties

Which factor is necessary for the development of democratic institutions?
a) strong military forces
b) respect for individual rights
c) a one-party system
d) an agricultural economy

“Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” --Lord Acton, British historian Based on this quotation, why type of government would Lord Acton most likely support?
a) dictatorship
b) absolute monarchy
c) totalitarian state
d) representative democracy

Democracy in modern Japan resulted primarily from
a) Shinto and Buddhist beliefs about equality and justice
b) reforms imposed by the United States after World War II
c) a history of imperial justice under the constitution of the Emperor
d) the diffusion of ideas and practices from China and Korea

After the breakup of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Soviet Union, new nations were formed. Which generalization accurately reflects the effect of the breakup on these new nations?
a) new nations are generally too poor and weak to become active members of the United Nations
b) new nations rarely use their limited resources to wage war
c) national and ethnic differences often lead to instability and violence in new nations
d) self-determination generally leads to democratic forms of government in new nations

Which statement describes a characteristic of the British parliamentary system today?
a) the Prime Minister is elected by the majority party in Parliament
b) the monarch serves as a strong head of state
c) the members of the House of Commons are appointed for life
d) the minority party has no vote in the Parliament

Which political system is the basis of Japan’s government today?
a) parliamentary democracy
b) military dictatorship
c) absolute monarchy
d) national socialism

“A constitution? What for? The Koran is the oldest and most efficient constitution in the world.” -King of Saudi Arabia “The form of government of Iran is that of an Islamic Republic.” -Iranian Constitution These quotes best support the idea that
a) the laws of Islam can be used to govern a country
b) every country needs elected leaders
c) Muslims believe in a weak central government
d) religion should be separated from government

The code of Hammurabi is an example of
a) written rules for legal procedures
b) the power of strong kings to control trade
c) regulations on the way to conduct wars against neighboring nations
d) the power of a legislature to veto laws passed by absolute monarchs

“. . . suspending laws . . . , by regal royal authority without consent of Parliament is illegal.” --English Bill of Rights, 1689 Which form of government does the quotation support?
a) limited monarchy
b) dynastic rule
c) totalitarian
d) theocracy

The Magna Carta, the Glorious Revolution, and the writings of John Locke all contributed to Great Britain’s development of
a) absolute monarchy
b) ethnic rivalries
c) parliamentary democracy
d) imperialist policies

In the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin governed by means of secret police, censorship, and purges. This type of government is called
a) democracy
b) totalitarian
c) limited monarchy
d) theocracy

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