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Many Web sites incorporate sound clips as background music known as _____.
a) audit files
b) animation
c) video files

To present a slide show to a large audience requires a ____.
a) projector
b) table
c) stool
d) chair

___ software programs are used to organize and present information in the form of a slide show.
a) presentation
b) database
c) spreadsheet
d) word-processing

Entering data into a form is similar to entering data in a table in ____ view.
a) datasheet
b) design
c) database
d) columnar

___ is NOT a common data type.
a) aplha
b) memo
c) currency
d) date/time

The sequence--199, 3, 0, shows the results of a ____ order sort.
a) descending
b) ascending
c) up
d) down

a ___ Is an individual piece of information.
a) field
b) label
c) file
d) structure

A _____ is a collection of related data.
a) database
b) spoof
c) field

__ can be used to create special text effects.
a) wordart
b) spam
c) charts
d) files

When you add animation to a slide, you are adding ____.
a) visual effects
b) text
c) color
d) timing

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