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The _____ cell is the cell in which you are currently working.
a) active
b) black
c) column
d) sheet

The point at which a column and a row intersect is called a ___.
a) cell
b) pixel
c) worksheet
d) spreadsheet

The ______ bar allows you to display all areas of the spreadsheet.
a) scroll
b) contents
c) formula
d) formatting

By default, a workbook contains ____ worksheets.
a) three
b) four
c) one
d) two

As you type a formula or function, it is displayed in the ___ bar.
a) formula
b) title
c) menu
d) status

A group of cells is called a ____.
a) range
b) collection
c) hoard
d) list

You can quickly select a cell with your mouse by ____.
a) pointing to the cell and clicking
b) pointing to the cell and double-clicking
c) right-clicking
d) left-clicking

Individual worksheets are stored in a ___.
a) workbook
b) cell
c) presentation
d) formula

Pressing the page-up button moves the active cell ___.
a) up one full screen
b) down one full screen
c) up one row
d) down one row

A ____ is a built-in formula.
a) function
b) label
c) value
d) cell

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