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When you click a menu name on a menu bar, a ________ will display.
a) list of commands
b) toolbar
c) figure
d) screen caputure

In the main editing window of a word-processing program, the ___ displays the name of the software program.
a) title bar
b) menu br
c) document
d) status bar

In a word-processing editing window, the ____ shows you the position of the margins.
a) ruler
b) menu
c) title bar
d) figure

The ____ displays at the bottom of the word-processing document.
a) status bar
b) task pane
c) menu bar
d) title bar

You can change the way a character or letter looks by changing its ___ style.
a) font
b) paste
c) icon
d) margin

The size of a font is measured in ______.
a) points
b) serifs
c) strokes
d) inches

___ are the white space around the edge of the page where the text ends.
a) margins
b) formats
c) points
d) landscapes

In ___ orientation, the top of the page is oriented to the shorter side of the paper.
a) protrait
b) landscape
c) middle
d) vertical

To insert a page break into a document, click Insert on the menu bar an then click ____.
a) break
b) control
c) insert
d) space

Use the ____ feature to insert information at the top of every page.
a) header
b) title
c) menu
d) footer

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