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What is a Golden Age?
a) A period of wealth and glory
b) A period of time with a lot of sun
c) A period of war
d) A period of sickness

Why was the Mediterranean Sea important to the Greeks?
a) It was used for irrigation
b) It was used for drinking water
c) It was used for trade
d) It was used for bathing

What was Sparta known for?
a) Democracy
b) It's military way of life
c) pottery
d) drama

Some aspects of Greek culture that can be found in our own culture today are
a) democracy
b) mythology
c) scientific classification
d) All of the above

The most valuable traded good in Greece was
a) apples
b) papyrus
c) olive oil
d) gold

The government of Athens, which our own government resembles, is...
a) monarchy
b) oligarchy
c) dictatorship
d) democracy

Students in Greece searched for wisdom by studying
a) agora
b) philosophy
c) peninsula
d) oligarchy

What were some of the features of Greece that made it a good place to settle?
a) Jagged coastline made natural harbors
b) Central location on the Mediterranean Sea was good for trade
c) Climate allowed for growing of grapes and olives
d) All of the above

All Greeks had a common culture. What did they have in common?
a) Language
b) Polytheistic Beliefs
c) Common Ancestor
d) All of the above

Where were the first Olympics held?
a) Olympus
b) Athens
c) Sparta
d) Agora

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