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The ____ is situated near the top of the browser window.
a) address bar
b) URL
d) homepage

____ is where you save your most frequently visited Web sites.
a) favorites
b) history
c) toolbar
d) keywords

People who break into computer systems are called ___.
a) hackers
b) slackers
c) breakers
d) advisors

_____ means to transfer from the Web server to your computer.
a) download
b) upload
c) search
d) surf

___ are special instructions that control the activities of a computer.
a) programs
b) CPUs
c) chips
d) RAM

Short-term memory is also known as ____.
a) RAM
b) FRM
c) CPU

A _______ is a device that allows one computer to talk to another.
a) modem
b) CPU
d) enabler

The ___ is the most common input device.
a) keyboard
b) modem
c) scanner
d) network

You can us the ___ to control the pointer on you computer screen.
a) mouse
b) object
c) arrow
d) virus

Screen output is called _______ copy.
a) soft
b) hard
c) cold
d) normal

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