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When you use _, Photoshop works with Windows and your digital camera or scanner software to import images directly into Photoshop.
a) WIA
d) RGB

For severely damaged documents, professional restorers now are using _ to recover faded, burned, or even erased text.
a) dehumidification
b) ultraviolet fluorescence
c) freezing
d) fiber-optic light

Unless paper is designated as acid-free or permanent, its expected useful life is less than _ years.
a) 12
b) 24
c) 32
d) 50

In _ mode, you can enter an edit characters and perform limited menu commands, but other operations require that you first commit charges on the options bar.
a) edit
b) baseline
c) text
d) command

The _ filter is used to fix lens flaws, distortions, and errors in photos.
a) keystone
b) barrel
c) lens correction
d) chromatic

CMYK images have _ channels plus a composite
a) five
b) six
c) eight
d) four

The disadvantage of downsampling is _.
a) interpolation
b) polymorphism
c) lossiness
d) indexing

_ filters are used in typography, commercial art, and personal art expression.
a) stroke
b) artistic
c) texture
d) stylize

With the Plastic Wrap filter, the _ setting controls how close together the pockets of plastic wrap are displayed.
a) proximity
b) pocket depth
c) highlight strength
d) shading

In Photoshop, the opposite of stroke is _.
a) fill
b) margin
c) ommission
d) vector graphic

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