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Which is NOT part of a computer system?
a) Mainframe Technoloby
b) people
c) hardware
d) data

A computer
a) produces results
b) files definitions
c) creates memory
d) displays memory

An advantage of using a computer is
a) all of the above
b) speed
c) accuracy
d) storage

A (n) _____ is the software program you use to retrieve documents for the Web.
a) browser
b) disk
c) host
d) node

A ___ is a large computer capable of supporting thousands of users.
a) mainframe
b) PPA
c) notebook
d) microcomputer

When you turn on a networked computer, you will most likely need to enter a _____.
a) password
b) homeaddress
c) character
d) URL

A (n) ___ is a small image that represents a file, a command, or another computer function.
a) icon
b) mouse
c) port
d) space bar

Computers that allocate resources are called ____.
a) servers
b) nodes
c) clients
d) protocols

The Internet is sometimes called the ___ because it functions like a network of interstate highways.
a) information highway
b) interstate
c) interastate
d) road

The _____ identifies a Web site on the Internet.
a) domain name
b) protocol
c) hypertext
d) host

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