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When keying a document, how should the fingers be positioned on the keyboard?
a) curved
b) flat
c) rigid
d) straight

The right shift key is pressed by the:
a) right ring finger
b) left ring finger
c) right pinky finger
d) left pinky finger

The best method of keying a document is
a) striking method
b) hunt and peck method
c) touch method
d) texting gmethod

The correct keystroking technique to use is:
a) slow, deliberate strokes
b) slow, down and motion
c) quick snapy strokes
d) any comfortable stoke

What mathematical operation should be performed in the problem 1005/25
a) addition
b) division
c) multiplication
d) subtraction

This symbol * is called
a) period
b) asterisk
c) ampersnad
d) colon

When solving a problem on the numeric keypad, which key is pressed to get the answer?
a) equal sign
b) sum
c) enter
d) tabe

How do you calculate GWAM
a) divide number of minutes timed by number of words
b) multiply number of words by number of minutes timed
c) divide number of words by number of minuted timed
d) subtract number of words from number of minutes timed

Terry typed 250 strokes, how many words did she type?
a) 25
b) 250
c) 10
d) 50

In the following sentence calculate the number of words: The cow jumped over the moon.
a) 4
b) 30
c) 6
d) 29

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