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You must try to _______ up smoking!
a) give
b) keep
c) get
d) stop

Our teacher always tells us _____ for talking in class.
a) up
b) off
c) on
d) out

Many people ___ New year's resolutions at the beginning of the year.
a) do
b) get
c) make
d) take

It's a great CD- it's going to be a really big ____.
a) style
b) combination
c) hit
d) lyrics

Many people in the USA fought for ____ rights for black people.
a) same
b) equal
c) every
d) free

John ____ going to meet us at the airport
a) is
b) are
c) will
d) be

My mom is going to check ___ the new shopping centre.
a) on
b) in
c) off
d) out

It's a difficult problem, but I'm sure I can work ___ the answer.
a) up
b) out
c) off
d) in

I don't know what this word means so I'm going to look it ___ in the dictionary.
a) out
b) off
c) up
d) down

Trina broke her arm and her leg while skateboarding. She'll have to give it ___!
a) off
b) out
c) on
d) up

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