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What were the South's important military advantages during the Civil War?
a) Geography
b) Tredegar Iron Works and Josiah Gorgas many factories
c) Confederate guerillas
d) All of the above

What were the Homestead Acts?
a) Granted ownership of 160 acres of public land to a settler after five years of residence on his claim
b) Gave settlers a home to live and 40 mules
c) Gave settlers 25 acres of land and 30 cows
d) None of the above

After the Civil War, the period of rebuilding the South was called
a) Reformation
b) Rebuilding
c) Reorgranization
d) Reconstruction

What type of society did Southern states form by passing the Jim Crow laws following the Civil War
a) an integrated society
b) a segregated society
c) a healthy society
d) an economic society

What impact did the Fifteenth Amendment have on American Society?
a) Slavery was abolished
b) Prohibition was repealed
c) Women were given equal rights
d) African American men got the right to vote

To many freed men and women, what reestablished slavery in disguise?
a) slave codes
b) poll taxes
c) literacy tests
d) black codes

What event in South Carolina marked the beginning of the fighting in the Civil War?
a) Lincoln-Douglas debates
b) South Carolina seceding
c) Lincoln inauguration
d) Fort Sumter attack

How did the Kansas-Nebraska Act help bring about the start of the Civil War?
a) Thousands of women's rights activists were jailed, which led to the Civil War
b) Violence broke out between proslavery and antislavery groups, led by John Brown
c) Kansas and Nebraska seceded from the Union, the war was started to stop the secession of the two states
d) The government forcefully seized private property; owners protested by starting the Civil War

What was an impact of the invention of the cotton gin in 1793?
a) More people were required to produce thread
b) The production of cotton became profitable
c) Intricate fabric designs could be created
d) Cotton was transported more quickly

In 1863, Abraham Lincoln gives a speech that is 272 words long. In his speech he was able to honor the soldiers and the cause for which they had fought and died, as well as state his vision for the country. What was the name of this famous speech?
a) Antietam Address
b) Gettysbury Address
c) Shiloh Address
d) Vicksburg Address

For the South, the primary goal of the Civil War was to win
a) restore the union
b) recognition as an independent nation
c) to invade and conquer the north
d) as a wealthy area

On January 1, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln signed the _________ which freed all the slaves in the rebel states.
a) Free Slave Bill
b) Emancipation Proclamation
c) Fourteenth Amendment
d) Thirteenth Amendment

How did the Mississippi River affect the economic develoopment of the United Stated in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries?
a) Native American Indians prevented Americans from sailing on the river.
b) It served as a barrier for keeping the French colonists in the West
c) It provided a way to transport goods to and from markets
d) Frequent flooding kept people from buidling towns near it.

The forceful removal of Native Americans from their lands by making them go west, in which many died, was called what?
a) Trail of Tears
b) Great Indian Move
c) Naturalization Act
d) Forced March

What was found out west that led to large migration to California in 1849?
a) Oil
b) Silver
c) Gold
d) Copper

What idea stated God wanted America to stretch from sea to shining sea, from East coast to West coast?
a) Manifest Determination
b) Manifest Destiny
c) Trail of Tears
d) Popular Sovereignty

Between 1754 and 1801, how did life in the southern and northern states differ?
a) The southern states had more cotton plantations
b) The southern states had a larger banking industry
c) The southern states had more schools and churches
d) The southern states had a larger shipbuilding industry

How did Dred Scott case help bring about the start of the Civil War?
a) People living in slave states were outranged that Dred Scott was punished for fleeing from his master.
b) People living in slave states were outraged that Dred Scott got a job as a porter in a hotel.
c) People living in slave states were outraged that Dr. Emerson granted freedom to Dred Scott.
d) People living in free states were outraged that the courts declared Dred Scott a slave.

Which is a key idea of Jacksonian Democracy?
a) Women should have the right to vote
b) The United States should trade with other countries
c) People should have the power to decide on public policies.
d) Slavery should be illegal.

Which was an outcome of the War of 1812?
a) The United States became the weakest nation in the world.
b) The United States began a period known as the Era of Good Feelings
c) The United States abolished slavery throughout all of its states and territories.
d) The United States became an important ally to Canada in their fight for independence.

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