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Which of the following does not describe Hitler’s Germany, Mussolini’s Italy, and Stalin’s Russia?
a) They were all totalitarian governments.
b) Political opponents were killed in each state.
c) All three nations wanted to expand their borders.
d) Marxist principles governed all economic activity.

Both the Italian Fascists and the German Nazis gained power partly because they
a) had the support of an electoral majority of their nations’ peoples
b) carefully followed accepted democratic political practices.
c) used terror tactics against political opponents
d) represented the ideas of compromise and prudent government.

-Introduced fascism to nation -Attempted to restore the nation to its past glory -Invaded Ethiopia What dictator took these actions before World War II?
a) Joseph Stalin
b) Francisco Franco
c) Benito Mussolini
d) Adolf Hitler

-Winston Churchill -Joseph Stalin -Franklin Roosevelt During World War II, these men were —
a) communist leaders
b) Axis dictators
c) military commanders
d) Allied leaders

Shortly after entering World War II, the United States began the Manhattan Project to
a) work on the development of an atomic bomb
b) increase economic production to meet wartime demands
c) defend New York City against a nuclear attack
d) recruit men for the military services

During World War II, the governments used rationing to
a) hold down prices of military weapons
b) increase educational benefits for veterans
c) increase imports of scarce products
d) provide more resources for the military

Convictions of war criminals by courts at Tokyo and Nuremberg following World War II showed that
a) government officials and military leaders could be held accountable for their actions
b) the United Nations accepted responsibility for international peacekeeping
c) the League of Nations could successfully enforce international law
d) nations that start wars would be forced to rebuild war-torn nations

What was one result of World War II?
a) The arms race ended.
b) The Cold War ended.
c) Communism was eliminated.
d) Two superpowers emerged.

Which statement defends the view that using the bomb was NOT an appropriate military action?
a) The use of the bomb shortened the war and saved American lives.
b) The use of the bomb was justified because of the Japanese attack on PearlHarbor
c) In Hiroshima, the bomb instantly incinerated more than 60,000 people. Most were civilians
d) The Japanese will never surrender mainland Japan. They will fight forever due to their Samurai culture, if they're not bombed

World War I and World War II brought about changes for minorities and women because these conflicts led to
a) the creation of new job opportunities
b) the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment
c) a greater number of high-level management positions
d) greater integration in housing and schools throughout the nation

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 is an illustration of the
a) impact a single event can have on public opinion a time of crisis
b) effectiveness of a policy of appeasement in stopping aggression
c) success of the pacifist movement in the United States
d) role of communism as a negative influence in global affairs

Which is one major reason the Holocaust is considered a unique event in modern European history?
a) Jews of Europe have seldom been victims of persecution.
b) Civilians rarely were killed during air raids on Great Britain.
c) Adolf Hitler concealed his anti-Jewish feelings until after he came to power.
d) The genocide was planned in great detail and required the cooperation of many people.

Which factor most enabled Japan to rebuild and modernize rapidly after World War II?
a) vast mineral reserves
b) large amounts of fertile land
c) a strong military
d) a well-trained workforce

A major factor in the economic recoveries of Japan and West Germany after World War II was their
a) desire to avoid an invasion from China
b) acceptance into the United Nations
c) ability to produce nuclear weapons
d) need to replace destroyed factories

Which reform took place in Japan after World War II?
a) Japan’s industrial capability was greatly reduced
b) the Emperor’s position was abolished
c) Japan became a representative democracy
d) labor unions were declared illegal

“From as early as I can remember, the Emperor was an important presence even in our remote home. He was a descendant of the gods from thousands of years before“ Which event caused the Emperor to announce that he was “only human after all”?
a) his overthrow by communist forces
b) defeat of the Japanese in World War II
c) signing of the Versailles Treaty
d) conclusion of the Russo-Japanese War

World War II is often considered to be a turning point in history because
a) the League of nations demonstrated that an international organization could maintain world peace
b) the war brought an end to dictatorships as a form of government
c) European domination of the world began to weaken as nationalism in colonies increased
d) religious and ethnic differences were no longer a source of conflict between nations

Which was a characteristic of Germany under Adolf Hitler and the Soviet Union under Josef Stalin?
a) an official foreign policy of isolationism
b) governmental control of the media
c) public ownership of business and industry
d) the absence of a written constitution

In 1939, France and Great Britain declared war on Germany as a direct result of the German
a) annexation of Austria.
b) occupation of the Rhineland.
c) seizure of the Sudetenland.
d) invasion of Poland.

Which nation sought to establish the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere between 1931 and 1945 (in other words - they invaded and conquered China)?
a) Japan
b) India
c) China
d) Korea

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