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Bill is doing a presentation for his Art I class using his yearbook pictures since kindergarten. Since the pictures are taller than wide, he will need to change his slides to which of the following in the Page Setup dialog box?
a) Portrait Orientation
b) Landscape Orientation
c) Slides sized for
d) Width and height

Juan created a PowerPoint in his Business Law class to present forms of business ownership. He wants to customize this PowerPoint to use in Marketing class and only use the slides on corporations and partnership. Which tab would he choose to complete
a) Transition
b) Slide Show
c) Design
d) Animation

Which command is used to record the time a presenter spends on each slide in order to run the show automatically in the future?
a) Record slide show
b) Custom slide show
c) Rehearse Timings
d) Set up Slide Show

When creating a custom slide show, which dialog box enables a user to select individual slides to include in the custom slide show?
a) Choose Slide
b) Add Slide
c) Format Slide Show
d) Define Custom Show

One of Janice's presentation slides has content that is taller than it is wide. Which command on the design tab would she use to change this?
a) Background
b) Page Setup
c) Slide Orientation
d) Themes

What appears on a slide to indicate there is a note or remark about the slide and the initials of the person who made the note?
a) Comment
b) Remark
c) Statement
d) Reference

Which command is used to test animations on a slide before delivering the presentation?
a) Rehearse
b) Preview
c) Test
d) Review

Mark is customizing his AP US History PowerPoint on the Vietnam War. He wants to add visual interest to his jet fighters on slide seven and have the fighters to fly in on the slide. Which tab would he choose to complete this customization?
a) Transition
b) Slide Show
c) Design
d) Animation

Which command is used to specify the length of the transition effect for each slide in a presentation?
a) Rehearse
b) Preview
c) Timing
d) Duration

Evan completed his Accounting PowerPoint and decided that his animations on slide 3 need to be switched to create a more audience friendly presentation. Which animation feature should he choose to complete this change?
a) Trigger
b) Reorder Animation
c) Duration
d) Effect Option

Which ribbon contains the command to hide a slide so that it does not show during the full-screen slide show?
a) Home
b) Design
c) Slide Show
d) Transitions

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