Substances, Mixtures, And Solubililty Question Preview (ID: 1974)

Substances, Mixtures, And Solubililty, And Acids And Bases.[print questions]

Which is a heterogeneous mixture?
a) orange juice
b) chocolate milk
c) cereal
d) the air we breath

When aqueous solutions of table salt and silver nitrate are mixed, a white solid forms. This solid is ___.
a) soluble
b) a precipitate
c) an alloy
d) a solute

Stainless steel is an example of a ___ solution.
a) liquid-solid
b) solid-liquid
c) solid-solid
d) gas-solid

Which of the following types of substance would be least likely to dissolve in water?
a) a nonpolar molecule like cholesterol
b) a polar molecule like ethyl alcohol
c) an ionic compound, such as magnesium chlorid
d) a polar molecule like the fruit sugar, fructose

Which of the following mixtures is NOT an example of a substance?
a) drinking water
b) air
c) brass
d) pizza

Which best describes a mixture?
a) two or more solids
b) two or more liquids
c) two or more gases
d) any combination of solids, liquids, or gases

This produces hydroxide ions in water.
a) acid
b) base
c) solution
d) solute

This is the amount of substance that can dissolve in 100 g of water.
a) base
b) solution
c) solubility
d) solute

This produces hydronium ions in water.
a) acid
b) base
c) solution
d) solute

Another name for a homogeneous mixture.
a) Acid
b) Base
c) Solution
d) Solute

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