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In the 1700s, the process of enclosure tended to increase
a) farming efficiency.
b) farmers' reliance on a single cash crop
c) the use of the broadcast method of seeding
d) the amount of common land available for grazing.

In what way did the Agricultural Revolution pave the way for the Industrial Revolution?
a) It led to population growth.
b) It increased food supplies.
c) It caused farmers to lose land and seek other work.
d) All of these are true.

By 1850, the majority of Britain's population
a) lived in the countryside.
b) produced food.
c) worked in coal mines.
d) lived in the cities.

The first advances in production that would lead to increased output and new opportunities for entrepreneurs took place in
a) cotton.
b) iron.
c) railroads.
d) steel

The industrial revolution's most important technological advance was the
a) spinning jenny.
b) steam engine.
c) conveyor belt.
d) bellows.

Between 1780 and 1850, the European population
a) ballooned from 175 million to 266 million.
b) declined from 266 million to 175 million.
c) experienced rising mortality rates.
d) became more homogenized in terms of economic class.

The agricultural revolution was indispensable to Britain's industrialization because
a) it greatly increased cotton cultivation.
b) many of the resulting new inventions could be harnessed to industrial uses.
c) it freed up the labor needed to work in factories.
d) it destroyed the cottage industry, making it necessary to find another way of producing the consumer goods in demand.

Which revolution inspired Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels to express their ideas in The Communist Manifesto?
a) Industrial
b) Scientific
c) Glorious
d) Neolithic

-Europeans sought new markets for their goods. -Many Europeans migrated to the cities in search of jobs. -European middle class gained political power. What was the major cause of these changes in Europe?
a) Industrial Revolution
b) rise of feudalism
c) Congress of Vienna
d) French Revolution

A major result of the Industrial Revolution was the
a) concentration of workers in urban areas
b) increased desire of the wealthy class to share its power
c) formation of powerful craft guilds
d) control of agricultural production by governments

According to the theories of Karl Marx, history can be viewed as a
a) succession of famines that result in the destruction of civilizations
b) repeating cycle of imperialism and colonialism
c) listing of the accomplishments of the ruling classes
d) continuous struggle between economic classes

“The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains…Workers of the world, unite!” This statement was made in response to conditions resulting from the
a) Protestant Reformation
b) Counter-Reformation
c) Commercial Revolution
d) Industrial Revolution

Before a nation can begin to industrialize, that nation must first develop
a) a democratic government
b) a rigid class structure
c) a strong religious foundation
d) an adequate food supply

“Revolution will occur more and more frequently in the industrialized nations as the proletariat struggles to overcome the abuses of the capitalist system.” This quotation reflects the ideas of
a) Charles Darwin
b) Karl Marx
c) Niccolo Machiavelli
d) John Locke

A main idea of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles’ Communist Manifesto is that the proletariat
a) would need foreign help to achieve its revolutionary ends
b) had to cooperate with the capitalists to gain economic rewards
c) should allow the capitalists to control the means of production
d) must unite to overthrow the capitalist class

According to Karl Marx, history is the record of the
a) granting of more political liberties to all people
b) struggle between classes in society
c) wars and conflicts between national leaders
d) increasing prosperity brought about by industrialization

Which condition is most necessary to the process of industrialization in a society?
a) dependence on subsistence agriculture
b) creation of a one-crop economy
c) availability of investment capital
d) capture of foreign lands

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