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One important result of the French Revolution was that
a) France enjoyed a lengthy period of peace and prosperity
b) the church was restored to its former role and power in the French government
c) political power shifted to the bourgeoisie
d) France lost its spirit of nationalism

Which statement is a valid generalization about the immediate results of the French Revolution of 1789?
a) the Roman Catholic Church increased its power and wealth
b) the revolution achieved its goal of establishing peace, democracy, and justice for all
c) the revolution had little impact outside France
d) the French middle class gained more power

In France, which was a major result of the French Revolution?
a) the king was restored to unlimited power
b) the clergy dominated government
c) the middle class gained political influence
d) the tax burden was carried by the lower class

A study of revolutions would most likely lead to the conclusion that pre-Revolutionary governments
a) are more concerned about human rights than the governments that replace them
b) refuse to modernize their armed forces with advanced technology
c) attempt to bring about the separation of government from religion
d) fail to meet the political and economic needs of their people

“Congress of Vienna Restores Monarchy to France” “Czar Nicholas I Limits Freedom of the Russian Press” “Reform Movements Crushed in Hungary, Italy, and the German States” These headlines could be described as
a) reactions to the French Revolution
b) movements to unify all of western Europe
c) efforts to improve the conditions of factory workers
d) attempts to promote trade between European nations

The French people supported Napoleon Bonaparte because they hoped he would
a) adopt the ideas of the Protestant Reformation
b) restore Louis XVI to power
c) provide stability for the nation
d) end British control of France

Peter the Great and Catherine the Great changed Russia by
a) abolishing all social class distinctions
b) becoming constitutional monarchs
c) preventing wars with neighboring nations
d) introducing western ideas and customs

Changes in Russia under Peter the Great were most similar to changes that occurred in
a) China before the Opium War
b) Japan during the Meiji Restoration
c) Iran after the fall of Shah Pahlevi
d) France during the feudal period

Westernization in Russia came about largely through the
a) efforts of Peter the Great and his successors
b) invasion of Russia by Sweden
c) desire of the United States to seek new markets
d) acceptance of the policies of the Eastern Orthodox Church

“God hath power to create or destroy, make or unmake, at his pleasure; to give life or send death; to judge…and to be judged (by) none…And the like power have kings;…” Which idea is described by this passage?
a) theory of divine right
b) enlightened despotism
c) Social Darwinism
d) constitutional monarchy

Simon Bolivar and Miguel Hidalgo, leaders of Latin American independence movements, were inspired by successful revolutions in
a) the United States and France
b) the Soviet Union and China
c) Cuba and Costa Rica
d) Egypt and Kenya

During the early 1800’s, which was a major influence on the struggle for political independence in Latin America?
a) poor conditions in urban centers in Latin America
b) the American and French Revolutions
c) the desire of the Roman Catholic Church in Latin America to escape European control
d) demands by Latin American workers to own their own factories

One similarity in the leadership of Latin Americas Jose de San Martin, Toussaint l’Ouverture, Bernanrdo O’Higgins, and Pedro I was that each leader
a) opposed United States intervention in Haiti
b) led a struggle to gain freedom for the people of his nation
c) opposed membership of his nation in the League of Nations
d) established an absolute monarchy in his nation

“I will never allow my hands to be idle nor my soul to rest until I have broken the chains laid upon us by Spain.” This statement was most likely made by
a) a Latin American nationalist
b) a Portuguese explorer
c) a Roman Catholic bishop
d) a Spanish conquistador

Which of these situations was the direct result of the other three?
a) nations of Latin America won independence
b) revolutions occurred in North America and France
c) the Napoleonic wars weakened Spain’s power
d) creoles and mestizos became discontented with Spanish rule

The 19th-century independence movements in Latin America were influenced by
a) Marxist ideology
b) the Aztec wars against Hernando Cortez
c) liberation theology
d) the American and the French Revolutions

Simon Bolivar, Toussaint L’Overture, and Bernardo O’Higgins were Latin American leaders of
a) economic development
b) educational reforms
c) independence movements
d) colonial expansion

In which region of the world did the American Revolution and the French Revolution have the greatest influence during the 1800’s?
a) Southeast Asia
b) Latin America
c) South Asia
d) sub-Saharan Africa

Simón Bolívar, José de San Martín, and Toussaint l’Ouverture are important in Latin American history because they were
a) 20th-century caudillos
b) leaders of liberation movements
c) members of the Organization of American States (OAS)
d) winners of the Nobel Peace Prize

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