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Each part of a pie chart is shown as a ___ of the pie.
a) bowl
b) slice
c) serving
d) dish

The chart element called ___ is the graphical representation of all of the data series.
a) chart area
b) plot area
c) data area
d) data marker

A ___ chart shows the relationship of a part to a whole.
a) pie
b) column
c) line
d) scatter

You switch between a chart sheet and a worksheet by clicking the appropriate
a) sheet tabs
b) icon
c) file name
d) data marker

A chart, whether embedded in a worksheet or on a chart sheet, is considered part of a ___.
a) workbook
b) database
c) icon
d) data marker

You can rename a chart sheet like any other worksheet. Right-click its sheet tab, and then click __ on the shourcut menu.
a) Textbox
b) Rename
c) File name
d) Chart name

You open the Insert Chart dialog box by clicking the Dialog Box Launcher in the ___ group on the Insert tab.
a) Charts
b) Cells
c) Worksheet
d) Edit

The chart types are available on the ___ in the Charts group.
a) Data
b) Edit
c) Worksheet
d) Insert

Ron now wants to change the tab color. He first right-clicks the sheet tab he wants to recolor, point to ___ on the shortcut menu, and then clicks the color he wants for the tab.
a) Tab
b) Color
c) Tab Color
d) New Color

___ charts are also used to illustrate a company's market share in comparison to its competitors.
a) Column
b) Bar
c) Line
d) Pie

A selected chart element is surrounded by a ___.
a) fill box
b) text box
c) selection box
d) border

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