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You can tell which workbook is active by looking at its title. The active workbook has a ___ title bar.
a) red
b) gray
c) white
d) green

To move or copy a worksheet, right-click the sheet tab of the worksheet you want to move or copy, and then click ___ on the shortcut menu.
a) Move or Copy
b) Relocate
c) New
d) Location

To select multiple worksheets in a workbook, hold down the ___key as you click the sheet tab of each worksheet you want to include in the group.
a) Tab
b) Ctrl
c) F2
d) F3

The Print Option called Print ___ prints the worksheet that appears on-screen, or group of selected worksheets.
a) Active Sheets
b) Entire Workbook
c) Selection
d) All Sheets

The Print option called Print __ prints all of the worksheets in a workbook.
a) Active Sheets
b) Selection
c) Entire Workbook
d) Entire Worksheet

To insert a worksheet, on Home tab of the Ribbon, in the Cells group, click the arrow to the right of the Insert button, and then click ___.
a) Insert
b) Sheet
c) Worksheet
d) Insert Sheet

In a worksheet range, as in a cell range, a ___ separates the names of the first worksheet and the last worksheet in the group.
a) period
b) colon
c) comma
d) semicolon

The Print option called Print __ prints the range or ranges selected within a single worksheet.
a) Active sheets
b) Entire Workbook
c) Selection
d) Range

You can create a copy of a worksheet by pressing the __ key as you drag and drop its sheet tab.
a) Tab
b) Ctrl
c) F3
d) Enter

Until __ are named, they are identified as Sheet1, Sheet2, and so on.
a) worksheets
b) workbooks
c) cells
d) ranges

You can reposition a worksheet by dragging its ___ to a new location.
a) sheet tab
b) cells
c) file name
d) right borders

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