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Vinegar and oranges both contain acids.
a) True
d) False

The substance being dissolved to form a solution is the ___.
a) solvent
b) solute
c) precipitate
d) mixture

The atmosphere of Earth is an example of a ___ solution.
a) liquid-liquid
b) gas-liquid
c) gas-gas
d) solid-liquid

Which is an example of a homogeneous mixture?
a) a bowl of chex mix
b) a bowl of cereal
c) a bag of jelly beans
d) grape juice

A solution that contains all the solute it can hold under the given conditions is ___.
a) saturated
b) unsaturated
c) dilute
d) supersaturated

A solution that contains a large amount of solute compared to solvent is described as ___.
a) dilute
b) heterogeneous
c) unsaturated
d) concentrated

A solution with a pH of 13 is a ___.
a) weak acid
b) weak base
c) strong acid
d) strong base

The amout of table sugar that will dissolve in 1 kg of water can be increased by ___.
a) stirring the solution
b) heating the solution
c) breaking the sugar into smaller pieces
d) doing any of the above

Which of the following properties is NOT characteristc of acidic solutions?
a) has a sour taste
b) conducts electricity
c) feels slippery
d) is corrosive to certain metals

How does a soultion with a pH of 2 compare to a solution with a pH of 1?
a) The pH 2 solution is two times more acidic than that with a pH of 1.
b) The pH 1 solution is ten times more acidic than that with a pH of 2.
c) The pH 1 solution is two times more basic than that with a pH of 2.
d) the pH 2 solution is ten times more acidic than that with a pH of 1.

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