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Harry wants to adjust the brightness and contrast. He acesses the Format contextual tab and ues the tools in the ___ group to change the brightness and contrast
a) Picture Syles
b) Size
c) Arrange
d) Adjust

The ___ task pane provides access to information typically found in references such as dictionaries, thesauruses and encyclopedias.
a) Research
b) Library
c) Resource
d) Reference

A __ is a reference in a worksheet that opens another file or page when you click it.
a) hyperlink
b) transporter
c) button
d) pop-up cell

The ___ tab contains tools to edit and format the picture
a) Edit
b) Delete
c) Format
d) Graphics

___ are predsigned workbook files that you can use as the basis or model for new workbooks.
a) Forms
b) Formats
c) Templates
d) Images

To insert a picture from a file, click the __ button in the Illustrations group on the Insert tab of the Ribbon.
a) Format
b) Data
c) Shape
d) Picture

A(n) ___ is a digital photograph or other image file.
a) attachment
b) picture
c) fax
d) shape

___ graphics enhance worksheets by providing a visual representation of information and ideas.
a) SmartClips
b) SmartPhotos
c) SmartPictures
d) SmartArt

When you no longer need a shape or any other object in a worksheet, you can delete it. First, click the object to select it. Then press the ___key.
a) Recycle
b) Erase
c) Remove
d) Delete

When the shape is selected, the ___ appear on the Ribbon and contain the Format contextual tab.
a) Drawing Tools
b) Graphic Tools
c) Shape Tools
d) Editing Tools

To open the Shapes gallery, click the Insert tab on the Ribbon, and then in the ___ group, click the Shapes button.
a) Shapes
b) Illustrations
c) Clip Art
d) Pictures

To hide more than one row, select how many rows you want to hide and then __ the selection to show the short-cut menu.
a) right-click
b) highlight
c) left-click
d) double-click

A __ is text that prints in the bottom margin of each page.
a) header
b) margin
c) footer
d) marker

The formula =B3^3 is an example of a(n) ___ operation
a) multiplication
b) subtraction
c) divison
d) exponentiation

Harry also want to change the picture's shape and border. He accessess the Format contextual tab and uses the tools in the __ group to change the shape and color
a) Pictures Styles
b) Size
c) Arranage
d) Adjust

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