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because of these currents the Earth's plates have moved in the past and are moving today
a) convection
b) radiation
c) conduction
d) condensation

These plate boundaries are the result of the force known as compression
a) divergent
b) transform
c) convergent
d) radiation

Where two oceanic plates are moving apart from one another and a mid-ocean ridge is formed
a) subduction zone
b) seafloor spreading
c) convergent boundaries
d) strike-slip fault

These seismic waves move through the Earth and travel the fastest
a) surface
b) secondary
c) primary
d) ocean

the top portion of the mantle as well as the crust
a) asthosphere
b) troposphere
c) mesosphere
d) lithosphere

These volcanoes are low, very broad, and gently sloping
a) shield
b) cinder cone
c) hot spot
d) composite

These boundaries are the result of the force known as shearing
a) divergent
b) transform
c) convergent
d) condensation

most destructive seismic waves
a) primary
b) secondary
c) surface
d) convection

the point in the earth where energy is released
a) fault
b) focus
c) epicenter
d) plate

this boundary is where two plates are moving in the opposite direction
a) convergent
b) divergent
c) transform
d) compression

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