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The SUM function that adds the numbers in the range D5:D17 is ___.
a) SUM(D5:D17)
b) =SUM(D5:D17)
c) (D5:D17)SUM
d) =(D5:D17)SUM

You can used the Insert Function dialog box to find a specific function. In the ___ box, type a brief description of what you want to do. Then click Go.
a) Directory
b) Search for a function
c) Find what
d) Go to

An example of the function that returns the number of cells in a range of cells that contain data is ___.
a) =NUMBER(B4)
b) =COUNT(B4)
c) NUMBER(B4:B15)
d) =COUNT(B4:B15)

In a PMT function, the argument indicated by FV refers to ___.
a) future value
b) favorite value
c) past value
d) fixed value

If you were using relative cell references, the formula =A3+A4 would changed to ___ when copied from cell A5 to cell B5.
a) =B3+B4
b) =B4+B5
c) =$B3+$B4
d) =B$4+B$5

Sam needs to round some figures in a worksheet. The Round funtion is considered to be a ___function.
a) date and time
b) mathematical
c) financial
d) statistical

Sam needs to find the average of a range of numbers. What would be an example of a formula written correctly?
a) =AVG(E4,E9)
b) =AVG(E4:E9)
c) =AVERAGE(E4:E9)
d) +AVERAGE(E4:E9)

The ___ function repeats the text in the specified cell a specified number of times

The ___ function returns the current date and time based on the computer's date and times settings
a) NOW()
c) WHEN()
d) DATE()

The Sum button is located in the __group on the Home tab of the Ribbon.
a) Commands
b) Editing
c) Data
d) Formulas

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