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To make all formulas visible, click the Formulas tab on the Ribbon, and then click the Show Formulas button in the ___ group.
a) Formulas
b) Formula Auditing
c) View
d) Formula View

You can also switch between showing formulas and showing formula results in a worksheet by pressing the __ keys.
a) Ctrl+? (question mark)
b) Ctrl+` (grave accent)
c) Ctrl+! (exclamation point)
d) Ctrl+* (aterisk)

A ___ border indicates that you can replace the current reference in the formula by clicking another cell or selecting a range.
a) flashing-colored
b) colored
c) double-arrow
d) flashing

Three types of cell references are used in formulas that do NOT include ___.
a) relative
b) mixed
c) absolute
d) relational

When evaluating formulas, the ___ of parentheses is evaluated first.
a) innermost set
b) set that starts farthest to the right
c) outermost set
d) set that starts farthest to the left

The sequence used to calculate the value of a formula is called the
a) sequence map
b) order of evaluation
c) evaluation map
d) sequence order

The formula =E6/4 is an example of a(n) __operation.
a) Multiplication
b) subtraction
c) division
d) exponentiation

___enables you to resize a worksheet to print on a specific number of pages.
a) Maximizing
b) Enlarging
c) Scaling
d) Minimizining

A ___ is text that prints in the top margin of each page
a) header
b) margin
c) footer
d) marker

A ___ is text that prints in the bottom margin of each page.
a) header
b) margin
c) footer
d) marker

Worksheets printed in ___ orientation are wider than they are long.
a) portrait
b) landscape
c) wide
d) normal

Excel inserts ___ whenever it runs out of room on a page
a) a blank row
b) an automatic hyperlink
c) an automatic page break
d) a paragraph maker

To change the margins of a worksheet, click the Page Layout tab on the Ribbon and then in the __group. Click the Margins Button.
a) Page Layout
b) Format
c) Layout
d) Page Setup

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