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What shape has 4 parallel sides?
a) Triangle
b) Square
c) Circle
d) Hexagon

What shape has seven sides?
a) Square
b) Pentagon
c) Heptagon
d) Circle

Which is the perimeter from a shape?
a) Figure far
b) Its side
c) The sum of the sides
d) The product of the sides

What studies the geometry?
a) The shapes
b) The caracteristics of the shapes
c) The names of the shapes
d) All choices

The sides from a square are
a) Perpendicular
b) Oblique
c) Parallel
d) None of the choices

How many types of triangles are there?
a) Four
b) Three: Rectangle, Acute-angle, Obtuse
c) Three: Rectangle, Obtuse-angle, Acute
d) Five

How many sides has a circle?
a) One
b) Two
c) Three
d) Four

Which matematician talks about geometry?
a) Archimedes
b) All choices
c) Euclid
d) Pythagoras

Which figure represents the sun?
a) Circumference
b) Ball
c) Sphere
d) Circle

Which figure represents the clock?
a) Circumference
b) Circle
c) Ball
d) Sphere

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