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Horizontal alignments do NOT include __.
a) Left
b) Right
c) Centered
d) Bottom

If you want to specify a precise column width, use the Column Width __.
a) Wizard
b) Taskpane
c) Status bar
d) Dialog box

To create a database, start Access. On the __ tab in Backstage view, click the template you want to use.
a) Create
b) Print
c) New
d) Help

In Datasheet view, the table displays its data in rows and columns in a __.
a) Datasheet
b) Spreadsheet
c) Report
d) Query Program

Before printing a datasheet, you should view it in __ so you can check the print settings.
a) Print preview
b) Datasheet view
c) Black and White
d) Zoom mode

Access opens in __ view.
a) Design
b) Datasheet
c) Layout
d) Backstage

A database is a collection of __.
a) Data
b) Fields
c) Numbers
d) Objects

To start Access, click the Start button on the taskbar, click __, click Microsoft Office, and then click Microsoft Access 2010.
a) Open database
b) All Programs
c) Microsoft Programs
d) Navigation Pane

A computerized DBMS is __ than using file folders.
a) More flexible
b) More accurate
c) All of the above
d) Much faster

___ is a program known as a database management system
a) Excel
b) Powerpoint
c) Word
d) Access

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