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What is the name for a piece of rock that orbits the sun?
a) asteriod
b) planet
c) moon
d) outer space

What is the path around the Sun that the planets take?
a) highway
b) outer space
c) orbit
d) rotation

How do optical telescopes collect light?
a) By using the Sun.
b) By using curved lenses or mirrors.
c) When they are turned on.

Why is the Hubble Telescope different from other telescopes?
a) It is on top of a mountain.
b) It is the largest telescope.
c) It is able to gather the most pictures of planets.
d) It is in space.

Why is Venus the hottest planet?
a) It has a thick layer of clouds that trap in the Sun's heat.
b) It has no atmosphere.
c) It is the closest to the Sun.
d) There are no people living on Venus.

What planet has rings around it?
a) Earth
b) Saturn
c) Jupiter
d) Mars

What is unique about Uranus?
a) It is the only planet that does not have people living on it.
b) It is the only planet with liquid water.
c) It is the only planet that does not spin around the sun.
d) It is the only planet that spins on its side.

What planet is most like Earth?
a) Pluto
b) Venus
c) Mars
d) Jupiter

What divides the inner and outer planets?
a) space
b) the asteroid belt
c) the Sun
d) The Hubble Telescope

Why are space probes important to scientists?
a) They are used as houses for astronauts so they can explore space.
b) They are used to store all of the information about space.
c) They take pictures and collect data about the surface, temperature, rocks, and soil of the planets.
d) They fight off aliens.

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