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“Influence of Political Action Committees Continues to Rise” “Republicans and Democrats Spend over $100 Million in 2000 Presidential Election” “Senate Passes Campaign Finance Reform Act” What is the central issue of these headlines?
a) Republicans and Democrats spend equal amounts of money
b) American citizens pay high taxes to support presidential campaigns
c) Money has a strong impact on the American political process
d) Candidates spend much of their own money on political campaigns

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs (GATT) have encouraged countries to
a) participate in the global economy
b) create a uniform international currency
c) accept similar wage and price controls
d) regulate multinational corporations

What was a direct result of the census of 2000?
a) Personal income tax rates were changed.
b) New United States District Courts were created.
c) Seats in the House of Representatives were reapportioned.
d) The number of United States Senators was increased.

As the average age of the nation’s population increases, there will be a need to
a) create more child care facilities
b) address the financing of Medicare
c) increase the number of public schools
d) reform immigration laws

The dispute over counting Florida voter ballots in the presidential election of 2000 was settled by
a) an order of the governor of Florida
b) an agreement between the candidates
c) a vote of the United States Senate
d) a United States Supreme Court decision

How were the presidential elections of 1876 and 2000 similar?
a) The winner of the popular vote lost the electoral vote.
b) Third-party candidates did not affect the outcome.
c) The outcome of the election was decided by Congress.
d) The winner was decided by the Supreme Court.

During the next 30 years, what will be the most likely impact of the baby boom that followed World War II?
a) More money will be spent on national defense.
b) The cost of health care will decrease.
c) Social Security will have to provide for increasing numbers of retired people.
d) The elderly will be the smallest segment of the population.

Social scientists use the expression “the graying of America” to describe the
a) aging of the nation’s population
b) declining political power of older Americans
c) possible failure of the Social Security System
d) increasing number of babies born to older couples

Population data from the census of 2000 was used to determine the number of
a) states in the Union
b) senators from each state
c) electoral college votes from each state
d) Supreme Court justices

Which change in the demographic pattern of the United States is currently contributing most to the problems facing the Social Security system?
a) aging of the baby boomers
b) shorter life span of the elderly
c) migration to the Sunbelt
d) decline in the rate of immigration

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