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Which trend has reflected the increasing pluralism in United States society in recent years?
a) a decrease in immigration from Latin America
b) growing demands for unskilled labor
c) new efforts by public schools to teach about ethnic heritages
d) failure of Congress to approve appointments of women and minority groups to Federal courts

Which statement best summarizes economic conditions in the United States since the end of World War II?
a) The economy has been in a depression for most of the period.
b) The United States has had the world’s highest unemployment rate.
c) The United States has come to depend more heavily on imports to meet its economic needs.
d) The legal minimum wage has steadily declined.

In the United States, most new jobs created during the 1980’s were jobs that
a) were classified as managerial
b) provided services rather than produced goods
c) depended on heavy manufacturing
d) were farm related

Which is the most valid conclusion that may be drawn from the study of population patterns in the United States today?
a) Most of the population is concentrated in and around large urban centers.
b) The number of ethnic groups has declined.
c) The population of the South has continued to decline.
d) The Northeast is the fastest growing region in the nation.

Which statement is an opinion rather than a fact?
a) Penalties for crimes vary from state to state.
b) Most European nations no longer use capital punishment.
c) Most murders in the United States occur within families or among acquaintances.
d) Executions are a major deterrent to violent crime.

In the last 20 years, the use of automation in United States industry has led to
a) a shortage of consumer goods
b) increased union membership
c) the lowering of the legal minimum wage
d) increased unemployment among unskilled workers

Raising import duties on foreign manufactured goods is an example of
a) technological competition
b) supporting free trade
c) lowering inflation
d) economic protectionism

Since 1980, relations between Japan and the United States have been most influenced by the
a) imbalance of trade between the two nations
b) refusal of the United States to accept Japanese technology
c) immigration restrictions imposed by the Gentlemen’s Agreement
d) construction of Japanese military bases in the Pacific area

The widespread use of computers has led to a national concern over
a) increased pollution of the environment
b) guarding the right to privacy
c) protection of the right to petition
d) a decline in television viewing

A study of voting patterns in the United States today indicates that
a) the United States has a low voter turnout
b) urban areas have higher voter turnouts than suburban areas do
c) people who live in poverty tend to have a high voter turnout
d) 18- to 25-year-old voters are more likely to vote than senior citizens are

Which statement about public education in the United States is most accurate?
a) The Federal Government controls but does not fund education.
b) The problems that affect other segments of American society seldom affect education.
c) Education is largely controlled and financed by state governments and local communities.
d) High school enrollments have decreased over the last 100 years.

What is the main criticism of affirmative action in recent years?
a) The program has been extremely costly to the Federal Government.
b) Hiring quotas for minorities may have denied opportunities to other qualified persons.
c) Very few minority persons have been hired.
d) Most state governments have been unwilling to enforce the program.

Most state governments have been unwilling to enforce the program.
a) the National Government granted rights to women long before state governments did
b) the gains made by women usually took considerable periods of time
c) women received voting rights before African-American males did
d) wartime employment slowed progress toward gender equality

The major political parties in the United States obtain most of their national campaign funds from
a) the personal fortunes of the candidates
b) state and local taxes
c) funds appropriated by Congress
d) the contributions of individuals and special-interest groups

How the Other Half Lives, Jacob Riis (1890) The Jungle, Upton Sinclair (1906) The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck (1939) Unsafe at Any Speed, Ralph Nader (1965) What has been the impact of these authors and their books on American society?
a) Most Americans have developed a preference for escapist and romantic literature.
b) Most American authors have adopted a conservative viewpoint
c) American business has corrected poor conditions quickly.
d) These works have had significant influence on social, political, and economic reforms.

In United States history, the phrase a government of laws, not of men has been used to express the idea that
a) sexism should legally be ended
b) all laws should apply equally to all persons
c) government should interfere as little as possi-ble in people’s lives
d) newly elected government Leaders should not be allowed to initiate changes in the law

Which statement about immigration to the United States is most accurate?
a) The desire for economic advancement has been a major reason for immigration to the United States
b) The ethnic mix of immigrants to the United States has remained mostly unchanged.
c) The number of immigrants has remained constant in each decade during most of United States history.
d) Nearly all immigrants have easily assimilated into American culture.

Why are fewer farms needed in the United States economy today than were needed in 1900?
a) Most foods are now imported.
b) Most farmland has been turned into suburbs.
c) The use of technology has raised agricultural productivity.
d) The total population is declining.

The development of nuclear weapons by India and Pakistan has been criticized by the United States government because
a) India and Pakistan are allies of Russia
b) India and Pakistan have threatened to use these weapons against the United States
c) the United States insists on maintaining its nuclear capability
d) the spread of nuclear weapons threatens all humankind

The aging of the baby boom generation will most likely result in
a) an increase in Social Security spending
b) a decrease in health care costs
c) a decrease in infant mortality in the United States
d) a balanced federal budget

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