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A client accesses information on a computer called _____-
a) server
b) client
c) map data
d) a hotspot

A __ is a software program that request web pages.
a) web page
b) browser
c) search engine
d) site

A __ is a program that allows users to enter, edit and save text.
a) text editor
b) typer
c) vis property
d) structure

A __ is a vertical collection of cells.
a) table
b) row
c) cell
d) column

There are __ views in Dreamweaver.
a) two
b) one
c) three
d) ten

What does HTML stand for?
a) Hyper Type Marker Language
b) Hyper Text Markup Language
c) High Type Markup Language
d) Hyper Marker Language

What is the tag for a new paragraph?
a) n
b) a
c) p
d) par

What is another name for an internal link?
a) absolute link
b) external link
c) relative link
d) client link

Which is not a file extension for web images
a) pdf
b) gif
c) jpg
d) png

Designers us a ___ to communicate the intention of the website.
a) text editor
b) network
c) purpose statement
d) onMouseDown

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