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Who is Claudius?
a) Gertudes son
b) Polonius son
c) Hamlets uncle
d) A watch guard

Who is Gertrude?
a) Polonius wife
b) Laertes wife
c) Ophelias mother
d) Hamlets mother

Who are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern?
a) Claudius personal body guards
b) Hamlets childhood friends
c) Ophelias brothers
d) Actors in a drama company

Who is Polonius?
a) Ophelias grandfather
b) Laertes father
c) Hamlets brother
d) Claudius brother

Whose ghost appeared to Hamlet?
a) The dead Norwegian King
b) Hamlets father
c) Polonius
d) Claudius

How did Hamlets father died?
a) He was bit by a snake
b) He was poisoned
c) He was stabbed by his wife
d) He died in a battle between Norway and Denmark

During what period did William Shakespeare live and work?
a) The Age of Enlightenment
b) The Elizabethan Era
c) The Romantic Era
d) The Italian Renaissance

Wich of the following was not an attribute of the Elizabethan stage?
a) Three-story, open-air construction
b) Extended stage with trapdoor
c) Shaped like an 'O'
d) All of the above

In terms of symbolic art, which of the following is a universal?
a) villain
b) justice
c) femme fatale
d) protagonist

Shakespeare wrote all of the following except:
a) plays
b) sonnets
c) book-length poems
d) novels

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