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World War I.

The Battle of the Somme
a) killed more than 21,000 British soldiers in a single day.
b) occurred in Belgium, and brought Britain and the Netherlands into the war.
c) was the first, quite unexpected, victory of the Austro-Hungarian army.
d) was the first major battle of World War I.

On June 28, 1914, the Archduke Francis Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian throne, was assassinated in the Bosnian city of
a) Trieste
b) Belgrade.
c) Sarajevo
d) Prague

Using the Schlieffen Plan,
a) Germany invaded France by way of Belgium.
b) England declared war on Belgium
c) France declared war on Austria.
d) Germany launched a massive invasion of the Warsaw region of Poland.

The general attitude toward the prospect of a Europe-wide war among the people of Europe in the summer of 1914 was one of
a) fear of the prospect of going to war.
b) naively romantic enthusiasm for the adventure of war.
c) indifference to developments in international affairs as spring faded into summer.
d) lack of enthusiasm for the confrontation ahead.

By 1917, World War I had
a) enveloped every nation of the world in warfare.
b) produced a German attack on United States seaports.
c) caused the deaths of millions, both military personnel and civilians.
d) resulted in the German capture of several Bosnian and French colonies.

The troops of which country turned the tide of the war in 1918?
a) Japan
b) Abyssinia
c) China
d) the United States

Before WWI, Kaiser Wilhelm II took actions that encouraged all of the following EXCEPT for an
a) Alliance between Russia and Germany
b) Arms race between Germany and Great Britian
c) Alliance between Great Britain and France
d) Alliance between Russia and France

Germany invaded Belgium in order to
a) Prevent a Belgian attack on Germany
b) Attack France from the North
c) Pull French troops away from the French border
d) Discourage a Belgian alliance with Russia

a) Austria
b) Serbia
c) Russia
d) Great Britain

The Zimmerman note was a message sent from Germany to
a) Canada
b) Russia
c) Mexico
d) The United States

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