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The growth of McCarthyism in the early 1950s was based on
a) public fear concerning the spread of communism
b) outrage over government corruption
c) dissatisfaction with the results of World War II
d) opposition to the policy of containment

Most Americans who opposed sending United States troops to fight in the Vietnam War believed that
a) nuclear weapons should be used to end the war
b) the war should be extended into China
c) the United States should not police the world
d) international trade would be interrupted

What was one similarity between the Red Scare following World War I and the Cold War following World War II?
a) Fear of communism led to the suppression of the civil liberties of some Americans.
b) Large numbers of Russian revolutionaries set-tled in the United States.
c) Congressional investigations proved that the Federal Government was heavily infiltrated by Communist spies.
d) Renewed fighting between wartime enemies was a constant threat.

I.The Cold War at home A. The McCarthy hearings B. Alger Hiss case C. House Un-American Activities Committee D. __________________
a) Labor unrest
b) Racial segregation
c) Wage and price controls
d) Loyalty oaths

In a farewell message to the American public, President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned of the growth of the military-industrial complex. This term refers to the
a) influence of defense contractors on Congress
b) threat from the Soviet Army
c) internal danger from Communist spies
d) economy’s dependence on oil imported from the Middle East

A governmental action that was consistent with the Cold War mentality was the
a) establishment of loyalty reviews of government employees
b) reduction in military defense spending
c) elimination of the Central Intelligence Agency
d) adoption of the GI Bill of Rights

In the 1950’s, Senator Joseph McCarthy was most closely associated with issues related to
a) Communist infiltration and the denial of civil liberties
b) farm problems and taxation
c) military preparedness and foreign aid
d) collective bargaining and the rights of unions

The successful launching of Sputnik by the Soviet Union in 1957 signaled the beginning of
a) American fears that the Soviets had achieved technological superiority
b) the Cold War with the United States
c) Soviet aggression in Afghanistan and China
d) disarmament discussions between the superpowers

Which situation resulted from Senator Joseph McCarthy’s search for Communists within the United States during the 1950’s?
a) Thousands of American citizens who believed in communism were either jailed or deported.
b) The reputations of many people were ruined by false accusations of disloyalty
c) Many high-ranking government officials were exposed as spies of the Soviet Union.
d) Organized groups of Communists began a wave of violent political terrorism.

A similarity between the Red Scare of the 1920’s and McCarthyism in the 1950’s was that during each period
a) thousands of American citizens were expelled from the United States
b) the Communist Party gained many members in the United States
c) many government employees were convicted of giving secrets to the Soviet Union
d) the civil liberties of American citizens were threatened

What was a cause for the investigations of the House Un-American Activities Committee in the late 1940s and the investigations of a Senate committee headed by Joseph McCarthy in the early 1950s?
a) the belief that there were Communist agents in the federal government
b) excessive spending by the United States military
c) the corruption and bribery of members of Congress
d) actions of President Harry Truman that might have led to his impeachment

“Sputnik Launch Propels Soviets Ahead in Space Race” In 1957, the United States government responded to the event described in this headline by
a) reducing military spending
b) building a joint space station with the Soviet Union
c) constructing President Ronald Reagan’s “Star Wars” defense system
d) providing funds to improve the educational system in the United States

The baby boom primarily resulted from the
a) economic prosperity of the 1920s
b) Great Depression of the 1930s
c) delay in marriages during World War II
d) counterculture movement of the 1960s

Since the 1950s, the term McCarthyism has been applied to events that are related to
a) the basic rights of citizens to own and carry guns
b) the violent activities of international terrorists
c) reckless accusations unsupported by evidence
d) questionable methods used to finance political campaigns

Which development led to the other three?
a) The United States government increased funding for science and math education.
b) The Soviet Union launched the Sputnik satellite.
c) A joint Soviet-American space mission was announced.
d) President John F. Kennedy set the goal of landing a man on the Moon.

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