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What you spend
a) Appreciation
b) Bond
c) Expenses
d) Revenue

Something you own that has value
a) Equity
b) Asset
c) Net income
d) Gross income

Something you owe for
a) Liability
b) Depreciation
c) Appreciation
d) Bond

Ownership in a company
a) Vesting
b) Cash flow
c) Equity
d) Asset

What you earn
a) Revenue
b) Expenses
c) Bond
d) IPO

Initial Public offering, selling part of your company on the stock market in exchange for investment capital in your business
a) Bond
b) Cash flow
c) Vesting
d) IPO

Something you own that is going down in value
a) Appreciating asset
b) Depreciating asset
c) Income statement
d) Option pool

Something you own that is going up in value
a) Appreciating asset
b) Depreciating asset
c) IPO
d) Equity

The in and out of money to or from your business
a) Cash flow
b) Asset
c) Net profit
d) Gross margin

A financial statement that keeps track of assets, liabilities and owners' equity
a) IPO
b) Vesting
c) Option pool
d) Balance sheet

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