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Which New Deal reforms most directly targeted the basic problem of the victims of the Dust Bowl?
a) guaranteeing workers the right to organize and bargain collectively
b) regulating the sale of stocks and bonds
c) providing farmers low-cost loans and parity payments
d) raising individual and corporate income tax rates

A major criticism of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s programs to combat the Great Depression was that these programs
a) reduced the power of the Federal Government
b) ignored the plight of homeowners with mortgages
c) provided too much protection for big business
d) made people dependent on the Federal Government

Which statement is accurate about American culture during the Great Depression?
a) The Federal Government provided money to support the arts.
b) Most movies featured realistic themes and unhappy endings.
c) Rock-and-roll music became popular.
d) Interest in professional sports declined.

Deficit spending by the Federal Government as a means of reviving the economy is based on the idea that
a) purchasing power will increase and economic growth will be stimulated
b) only the National Government can operate businesses efficiently
c) the National Government should turn its revenue over to the states
d) lower interest rates will encourage investment

When the Great Depression began in 1929, the most common economic belief supported by the Republican Party was that
a) an increase in defense spending would stimulate the economy
b) unemployed workers should receive Federal unemployment benefits
c) the government should assume control of industry
d) the economy would recover on its own

Section 202. (a) Every qualified individual shall be entitled to receive.. . on the date he attains the age of sixty-five,.. . and ending on the date of his death, an old-age benefit. . . A major purpose of this section of Federal legislation was
a) to guarantee an annual income to experienced employees
b) to assure adequate medical care for the elderly
c) to reward workers for their support of the union movement
d) to provide economic assistance to retired workers

The effectiveness of the New Deal in ending the Great Depression is difficult to measure because
a) President Franklin D. Roosevelt died during his fourth term
b) United States involvement in World War II rapidly accelerated economic growth
c) the Supreme Court declared most New Deal laws unconstitutional
d) later Presidents failed to support most New Deal reforms

Which speaker best expresses the main idea of rugged individualism?
a) Speaker A: The business of America is business, and we would be wise to remember that.
b) Speaker B:Government ownership of business is superior to private enterprise.
c) Speaker C:Strict government regulation of business practices is a means to insure the public good.
d) Speaker D:Only through personal effort can wealth and success be achieved.

A major result of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal was
a) a decline in the Federal deficit
b) an expansion of the power of the Federal Government
c) a change in the voting rights of women
d) a reinstitution of the gold standard for United States currency

The election of Franklin D. Roosevelt to the Presidency in 1932 reflected the desire of many Americans to
a) return to a policy of laissez faire
b) abandon capitalism in favor of socialism
c) continue the domestic policies of the Hoover administration
d) have government take an active role in solving economic problems

A lasting result of the New Deal in the United States has been the
a) reduction of the national debt
b) control of stock prices by the Federal Government
c) joint effort of business and labor to strengthen the Presidency
d) assumption by the Federal Government of greater responsibility for the nation’s well-being

The main purpose of New Deal measures such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) was to
a) provide immediate employment opportunities
b) develop rules to limit speculation and safeguard savings
c) enable the Federal Government to take over failing industries
d) assure a guaranteed income for American families

Which New Deal program was chiefly designed to correct abuses in the stock market?
a) Federal Emergency Relief Act
b) Civilian Conservation Corps
c) Works Progress Administration
d) Securities and Exchange Commission

Critics charged that President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s plan to increase the number of Supreme Court Justices was clearly in conflict with
a) the Supreme Court’s practice of judicial restraint
b) the constitutional principle of checks and balances
c) attempts of Congress to limit judicial responsibilities
d) efforts to restrict the number of terms a President could serve

In the 1930’s, the enactment of New Deal programs demonstrated a belief that
a) corporations were best left to operate without government interference
b) state governments should give up control over commerce inside their states
c) the Federal Government must concern itself with the people’s economic well-being
d) the United States Constitution was not relevant to 20th-century life

A significant cause of the Great Depression of the 1930’s was that
a) some banking policies were unsound and had led to the overexpansion of credit
b) a decrease in protective tariffs had opened American business to competition from abroad
c) a wave of violent strikes had paralyzed the major industries
d) consumer goods were relatively inexpensive

The clash between President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the United States Supreme Court over New Deal laws best illustrates the operation of
a) federalism
b) due process
c) checks and balances
d) the two-party system

An important factor contributing to the start of the Great Depression in the United States was the
a) increase in military spending
b) failure to maintain the gold standard
c) reduction of tariff rates
d) uneven distribution of wealth

The New Deal changed political thinking in the United States because it supported the idea that the
a) rights of workers are less important than the interests of business
b) Supreme Court should have an important role to play in the economy
c) government should become more involved in the social and economic life of the people
d) president’s foreign policy is more important than his domestic policy

The creation of the Tennessee Valley Authority is an example of
a) federal intervention to meet regional needs
b) state-funded regional transportation
c) free-market capitalism
d) laissez-faire economics

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