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At that time, houses........consisted of two or three rooms
a) were
b) usually
c) are
d) did

He will................medical studies next year
a) finish his
b) finishes the
c) finish him
d) finishes his

That the university since 1990.
a) teaches
b) taught
c) has taught
d) is taught

That young football.
a) never
b) not
c) is not
d) does not

He .............................a car when he was 16
a) have
b) had
c) has
d) having

When the woman was injured, an the hospital.
a) took her
b) takes him
c) took him
d) takes her

We have to stop the car and buy some petrol because the tank.
a) aren't many
b) isn't much
c) aren't any
d) isn't many

What colour
a) is you
b) your
c) you are
d) is your

One of the from Canada
a) English teachers
b) teachers English
c) English teacher
d) teacher English

How many times .............the biology class meet each week?
a) are
b) is
c) does
d) do

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