Multiple Intelligences Question Preview (ID: 19684)

It Is A Test About Howard Gardner's Theory Of Multiple Intelligences.[print questions]

Which intelligence is very aware of their environments?
a) Visual-Spatial
b) Bodily-Kinesthetic
c) Musical
d) Interpersonal

What feature do people with Logical-Mathematical intelligence?
a) These people tend to shy away from others.
b) They like to solve puzzles.
c) They are sensitive and capable to tackle deep questions about human existence.
d) They like to draw, do jigsaw puzzles, read maps and daydream.

What intelligence it is best if he is a surgeon?
a) Naturalist.
b) Linguistic
c) Interpersonal
d) Bodily-kinesthetic

What feature do people with Existential intelligence?
a) They need to learn and form concepts before they can deal with details
b) These students learn through interaction.
c) They are capable to tackle deep questions about human existence.
d) They are very aware of their environments.

What intelligence uses a poet?
a) Musical
b) Bodily-kinesthetic
c) Interpersonal
d) Linguistic

If I am sensitive to thythm and sound, What kind of intelligence do I have?
a) Naturalist
b) Interpersonal
c) Intrapersonal
d) Musical

They are like kinaesthetic learnes but outdoors, within the environment. Which intelligence we are talking about?
a) Bodily-kinesthetic
b) Interpersonal
c) Naturalist
d) Existential

These learners benefit from physical experiences such touching. What kind of intelligence they do?
a) Existential
b) Naturalist
c) Visual-Spatial
d) Bodily-Kinesthetic

What kind of intelligences do I have if I can work well with personal deadlines and goals?
a) Intrapersonal
b) Interpersonal
c) Visual-Spatial
d) Existential

What feature do people with Interpersonal intelligence?
a) They can be taught through drawings, verbal and physical imagery.
b) They can be taugh through group activities, seminars and dialogues.
c) They can be taught by turning lessons into lyrics.
d) They can be taught through physical activity.

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